So, you see

Publicado: abril 24, 2014 em Textos

So, you see

I know it all must be changed.

And the thing is, this time I don’t

want someone to put the blame


This conscience of mine is my own tormentor.


So, you see

Some may say I’m a grown woman.

But inside this almost-twenty cocoon lives a frightened baby girl.

Truth has been said, but for some changes

is just too late.

See, my development has been



Bottom line?

I’m lost and I feel vain.

And even though I can give a speech,

feels like I’m just crawling in my crib.


But I kidd you not, oh I’m aware.

I know I’m only human and I’ve gotta let go of my pride

But how come I’m not humble yet

If everyday I gotta a taste of these thorns in my side.


You see,

I realize I alienate myself at times.

But nobody ever taught me how

to mingle when I find I don’t

belong in the ride.


I know it’s been awhile

I wasn’t M.I.A by a dead cause.

But I was too afraid of getting



I can’t just let the fear out.

‘Cuz everytime we fight

you spit in my face all my vows.

For too long I’ve been playing the

Ice Queen.

But it’s time to just be the real

human being.


Yeah; it’s scary, you know.

Gotta put the guard down and

stop living the gladiator.


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